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Pixel Labs is a multi-platform media company which focuses on audio & video production, web content & commercial advertising. We offer premium media products that help build your brand or tell your story. We do this through audio and video production that will get your message heard.

We love collaboration it is the reason we have the ability to provide the some of the most creative production you can find. We network with other professionals in different areas of expertise and bring them in and help us out when our clients are asking for the best (which is all the time!). We partner with them to create dynamic, engaging & creative video production that gets your message heard.

At Pixel Labs, our mission is to inspire and entertain. We are constantly striving to push our own limits and the limits of the medium. Pushing those limits allows us to create top-quality audio & video production and develops brands in a unique way.

The Services

What we do at Pixel Labs.

Video Production

Video Production is Pixel Labs number one focus. We understand how important it is to have the ability to tell stories quickly through video. With experience producing everything from documentaries and music videos, to web promo videos and TV commercials, we have the skills to get you noticed.

What good are all those skills without the gear to execute them. We shoot all of our content with some of the industries best equipment including our 4k Blackmagc Production camera. Because we are all a little bit techy, we stay up to date with the newest gear so that we can provide our clients with video production that exceeds their expectations.

Audio Engineering

The people at Pixel Labs enjoy music. Who doesn’t, right? We produce music videos so naturally we thought it was important to partner with a top quality recording company like Red Handed Recording. This partnership allows us to be a full service production house for music artists of all styles.

Web Design

Our clients web presence is important to us. Without web design, it’s incredibly hard to get your message & brand to the consumer. A website sets the tone for how your customers view your brand. Refresh Web Marketing is a partnership that lets us provide the complete package to our small business clients, getting them online where their customers are looking.

Our Work

What We've Done.

Commercial, Video

Commercial, Video

Commercial, Video

Motion Graphics, Video, Web Video


Video, Web Video

Commercial, Video

Cinematography, Documentary, Video

Video, Web Video

The People

Who makes Pixel Labs work?.

These are the people that make Pixel Labs awesome. They cover everything from cinematography and audio engineering to getting the word out about what we do! Without them, there would be no "Awesome".


Zach Everman .

Position: CEO / Creative Director

Skills: Cinematography / Editing

Zach Everman started the company in December of 2011 and is the force behind Pixel Labs. He has the passion & tools to make your idea come to life. With six years of professional video experience, Zach won’t hand you a finished product with out perfection. He has produced content across the midwest as well as in Brazil as well and worked with Red Bull on an action sports documentary called Red Bull: Black Out. Outside of his career, Zach is both a full time husband and father and enjoys spending a lot time camping and traveling with his family.



Half of a successful life is having a plan, half of life is working hard, and the third half is sheer luck!

Becca Flynn .

Position: Account Manager / Social Media

Skills: Connection Maker

Becca Flynn is a recent graduate at the University of Northern Iowa. Her studies included Marketing with an emphasis on Advertising and a Minor in Economics. Becca has experience with Digital Advertising , including social media, and blogging as well as experience in customer service and sales. Joining the Pixel Labs team as the Account Manager, Becca enjoys helping  others and trying new things. Some big dreams include working in the Entertainment or Sports Industry and applying her professional marketing skills in these areas. Outside of her professional career Becca enjoys soccer, traveling, and lives by the idea that “the sky is the limit”! 


Reese Reimers .

Position: Freelancer / Audio Guru

Skills: This Guy Knows Audio

Reese Reimers has a vision.  Focusing on audio, video, and motion graphics his goal is to take your message and utilize the tools available to create the end result you have in mind. Having experience in both visual media as well as in music engineering, he will utilize techniques learned with both aspects to provide a vehicle by which your message will be heard. Reese’s skills are diverse. With experience in both audio and video production, he has the skills necessary to ensure your needs are met.  By utilizing media production, Reese can create a brand for your business that is both unique and powerful.


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